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Prvi hrvatski klub Pula - Associated Club Pula, Croatia



Zona motiva

Wellness program and physical therapy

zona motiva d.o.o. za uslužne djelatnosti

Owner: Sandra Mraović Deković, mag.oec, Specijalist za ljudske potencijale

Address: Brulo 1, Hotel Valamar Diamant, 52440 Poreč

Country: Croatia

Tel: +385 (0)99 8453827

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Professional services:

  • Balance Mediterranean Spa

The unique atmosphere and wide offer is enriched by DeStress Signature Treatments and Stress Relief Rituals, which record the history and philosophy of quality and relaxed life in the Mediterranean, so much needed today by the modern businessman. The treatments use organic cosmetics from local and renowned international manufacturers, derived from medicinal and soothing Mediterranean herbs with top-quality cosmetic ingredients.

  • Fiziocentar Deković

FizioCenter Deković uses high-performance special methods and techniques, which also distinguish it from other centers, and classic physical therapy procedures, the combination of which achieves much stronger effects. The use of world-renowned high technology in the physiotherapeutic process has significantly contributed to the effective treatment of various painful conditions, thus ensuring faster recovery and return to daily activities.

  • Lift Up - Stress Free Concept

The Stress Free Concept is a concept for implementing unique, high-performance programs that enable organizations and individuals in senior management positions integrity in understanding, managing, and eliminating stress.

Lift Up Stress Free Concept effectively combines Business Education, Physical Therapy and Wellness programs that strengthen the physical, mental and emotional capacities of the individual.


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