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Raising awareness of environmental protection

Didactic toys, handicrafts from recycled textiles

Raising awareness about environmental protection - didactic toys, handicrafts from recycled textiles

Owner: Milica Ranković

Address: M. Gupca 2, 31206 Erdut

Country: Croatia


Professional services:

Raising awareness of environmental protection

Didactic toys, handicrafts, souvenirs from recycled textiles.

My mission is to raise awareness about environmental protection. I live by the Danube river, European river that connects 14 countries. By sewing from recycled materials, I create new products: didactic toys, imaginative handicrafts, souvenirs.

I got the encouragement and vision after completing education and training for empowerment and training of women entrepreneurs in the project "Women's Perspective", within which I received an award at the level of Vukovar-Srijem County for raising awareness of environmental protection, in my case for sewing from recycled materials (clothing items, decorations, children's toys, face masks, pet suits).

Circular economy. I see myself as a forerunner of the circular economy:

Waste = New product

I try to teach other women that nothing should be thrown away, everything can be used and we can protect the environment by doinf it. You can contact me and see my works on the Facebook page!


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