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Family Farm ValVida

Ecological cultivation and processing of crops, farming and livestock

Family Farm ValVida

Owner: Valentina Vidović

Address: Zbjegovača, Tavani 19, 44320 Kutina

Country: Croatia

Tel: +385 (0)098 901 33 77, +385 (0)91 166 81 61

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Professional services:

  • Organic cultivation and processing of peppermint and chamomile
  • Organic cultivation and processing of pumpkin golica
  • Organic cultivation of sweet potatoes, kiwana, butternut squash, Asian honey melons…
  • Livestock: goat and sheep breeding
  • Farming: growing wheat, corn, soybeans, oats…

MOSLAVINA is the region where family farm ValVida is located and where people have been engaged in agriculture for generations.

Organic farming In our family farm, we decided to make a step forward from the traditional farming to organic farming, which means a lot more physical work for the whole family, but also much more pleasure.

PUMPKINS From pumpkins that are grown according to ecological principles we get great natural pumpkin seed oil and we use handpicked seeds for healthy snacks.

PEPPERMINT We are constantly striving to develop new products, so we started processing eco peppermint into fine and fragrant teas and essential oil from which we make various products such as natural cosmetics, air fresheners and much more, as in demand by our customer.

GIFT PACKAGES From our products we can arrange various gift packages for all your significant occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, various anniversaries!



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