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Salvamana - OPG Filip Macan

Family farm for the production and sale of olive oil

Salvamana - OPG Filip Macan

Owners: Filip Macan (Samanta Macan)

Address: Antonio Smareglia 63, 52215 Vodnjan

Country: Croatia

Tel: +385 (0)99 634 8539, +385 (0)91 581 7666

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


GPS: 44''57'57,9°N 13''50'52,0°E

Professional services:

The Filip Macan family farm is based on the family production of the recognizable "Salvamana Premium" and "Salvamana Kids" Premium extra virgin olive oil in the area of the town of Vodnjan - Dignano in the Istrian County.

The founders are Samantha and Filip Macan, who are also responsible for the overall Salvamana look, design and brand.

The name "Salvamana" derives from the ancient name - the toponym of the part of the Town of Vodnjan (in translation "Salvamana - hands of salvation"), where beautiful spacious olive groves of this farm are located, and on whose riches the production and benefits of Salvamana Premium Extra virgin olive oil are based.

This family farm has about 1,000 olive trees of different ages and varieties. "Salvamana Premium blend" consists of a selection of 5 varieties of olives - Vodnjanska buža, Istarska bjelica, Karbonaca, Leccina and Pendolina, whose green gold is poured into 0.25 liter, 0.50 liter, 0.75 liter and 1 liter dark bottles.

We are present at many fairs, festivals and events in Vodnjan, Istria, Croatia, the region and the world, and participate in many competitions, where we win top medals for the top quality of our products.

Salvamana products are available for tasting and sale at the doorstep, in the Salvamana canteen, at fairs, and in various souvenir shops, autochthonous food and health food stores, restaurants and hotels.


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