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Prvi hrvatski klub Pula - Associated Club Pula, Croatia


BPW Pula - Business Catalogue

We proudly present the Business Catalogue of the Association of Business Women and Entrepreneurs BPW First Croatian Club Pula and invite you to take a look at the variety of business offer. The products and services of our entrepreneurs offer quality and well-known content, and by buying local products and services we build our community.

Alida Perkov, PhD, Certified Adviser for Entrepreneurship, President BPW Pula Croatia, Chair BPW AdrionNet

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Other services

Real estate brokerage, website design and maintenance services, organization on professional conferences on maritime domain

Autohrvatska Pula

Servicing and repair of vehicles, sale of spare parts, sale of vehicles

Dolores Pušar Banović

College professor - Consulting services and education

Haler Weddings

Organization of weddings and other events

Leona flowers & weddings

Decoration for weddings and various other events, flower arrangements

M.&S. OPTIMUS d.o.o.

Cleaning and maintenance service, metal and wood machining

MN Croatian Interpreters

Conference and other translation services

Opusteno hranjenje

Nutrition counseling and education


Business and personal counseling, education


Sale of airline tickets, business trips and organization of individual tours in Istria

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